Team MVC

Chris McElhinny

Chris McElhinny
1. Name:  Chris McElhinny
2. Racing Age:  55
3. Years Racing:  about 8
4. Any podiums/notable results?:  2nd behind John F. at Mingo last year, 3rd at PA Masters State road race 2008, 3rd in the PA State Individual Time Trial 2008
5. Any Pets?: No pets, just 3 kids, wish they were pets some days
6. Favorite Beer?: Dortmunder Gold by Great Lakes or Railbender in a pinch.
7. Your best story about a teammate:  any Wednesday night ride when Guests show up and some team mates have no self control, the guests seldom or never come back, what does that say about our lack of discipline!!!!!
8. Favorite Miley Cyrus song:  Who is Miley Cyrus?
9. Favorite Pro Tour team?  Discovery now Radio Shack I guess