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MVC, Matt Brungard 5th overall, Tour of the Valley – Masters

Congratulations to Matt Brungard of our own Team MVC.  The guys kept the race tough (Jim Yankush took a prime) all weekend, and Matt put himself in a great striking position, with an 8th in the TT on Friday, a very impressive 6th in the tough road stage on Saturday and a 4th place finish in Sunday’s criterium to seal his top 5 overall in GC.  Complete weekend results can be found HERE.  Thanks again to everyone who came out to support Matt and all of Mahoning Valley Cycling (especially Matt’s cheering section, seen below).

Cutest fan club in the world

What's better than cheering for Matt?  Cheering for Matt WITH ICE CREAM!

To Our Friends from The Outspokin’ Wheelmen …

Thanks to the local recreational cycling club, The Outspokin’ Wheelmen, for coming out to support The Tour of the Valley, Carbon Racing and of course, your own Mahoning Valley Cycling!  We love it when you come out.


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More photos of MVC at The 2010 Tour of the Valley to come … Stay tuned.

The Teapot Classic

Team MVC traveled to Chester, WV for a tune-up race before the Tour of the Valley and to celebrate the 4th of July with teammates. The paparazzi followed. The results include a win and 7 out of the top 8 places. Reports are sketchy but there may have been at least one more MVC jersey in the peloton than normal.  We will try to confirm these reports.

Mike Briggs’ photos:

Chris Anthony’s photos:


10 first_climb

01 teapot

New Junior Cyclocross Roster?

Jim Yankush and John Fiumara being soundly thrashed by a 10 year old girl. 2009 Month of Mud Raccoon Cyclocross. (caption courtesy of Gary Bywaters)

Jim Yankush and John Fiumara being soundly thrashed by a 10 year old girl. 2009 Month of Mud Raccoon Cyclocross. (caption courtesy of Gary Bywaters)

2009 Month of Mud Overall Results were dominated by MVC Riders in both Masters and Veteran, just like Jim and John are getting dominated in the above photo…

Cat’s Out of The Bag

Alex must be spreading the word about the new site because I got an email from Tom with a new profile picture for his bio page tonight.  I happened to like the Snuggie picture, myself… If anyone happens to notice their bio page is looking a little sparse or missing a photo, email me (Chris Anthony) about it, and I’ll get it taken care of.  If you need my address, Jim has it or just get my info from  Also, if you’ve sent me photos but they’re not on the new site yet, don’t worry.  I’ve got a stock pile going, and I’m trying to decide what the best way to share them is.  Probably going to use Flickr so the photo galleries can be embedded in Facebook pages and what-not.  That’s all for now.  Snowy roads tonight.  Keep the Kreitler Rollers warm, guys.

Sal Ponzio driving the train at The Races At The Lakes

Team MVC Gets New Website

It’s December, and it’s time to forget the pain of Route 344 for a little and focus on preparing for the coming 2010 season.  For some of us, it’s riding the stationary trainer, mountain bikes and/or cyclocross and still others it’s lifting weights or visiting the gym.  God knows Ohio is all about the weather that keeps us unexpectedly off our bikes this time of year.  One extra task that MVC decided to tackle in this quiet time is to re-design our website from the ground up.

The new site is the base from which the riders of MVC can network together better.  Over these cold months, our new webmaster will be adding all sorts of features that will allow for Facebook, Twitter and mobile integration.  What that means is when a visit to the pub group ride is happening, you’ll know when and where, all by checking either here or your chosen method of communication.  Additionally, we’ll be able to display podium photos, results, video and a whole lot more.

Jim Yankush and John Fuimara

Jim Yankush and John Fuimara

Team MVC is adding two new riders to the 2010 roster.  Alex Daquila and Christopher Anthony are both Cat 5 racers.  Alex (Chippewa) can be seen pushing the pace on the climbs and burning couches at Virginia Tech games while Chris (Canfield) can be found mainly in bunch-sprints and at web seminars.  Both are eager to lose their Cat 5 status.

Alex Daquila (left) and Christopher Anthony (right) at the 2009 Tour de Tamarack

Alex Daquila (left) and Christopher Anthony (right) at the 2009 Tour de Tamarack